Commit 7697e595 authored by Ye Li's avatar Ye Li

imx8qx: Update alias for old a0 targets name

Add old iMX8QXP a0 targets to alias.mak to avoid breaking any build.
For 8QM, users have to use new targets for a0.
Signed-off-by: default avatarYe Li <>
(cherry picked from commit 669ccf96590586f95c1b998bc05e55d37029cdb2)
parent bffc28d5
......@@ -20,4 +20,34 @@ flash_b0_cm4: flash_cm4
flash_b0_cm4ddr: flash_cm4_ddr
flash_b0_cm4flexspi: flash_cm4_xip
\ No newline at end of file
flash_b0_cm4flexspi: flash_cm4_xip
flash_scfw_a0: flash_a0_scfw
flash_dcd_a0: flash_a0_dcd
flash_16bit_dcd_a0: flash_a0_16bit_dcd
flash_ddr3_dcd_a0: flash_a0_ddr3_dcd
flash_dx_ddr3_dcd_a0: flash_a0_dx_ddr3_dcd
flash_cm4_a0: flash_a0_cm4
flash_early_a0: flash_a0_early
flash_flexspi_a0: flash_a0_flexspi
flash_multi_cores_a0: flash_a0_multi_cores
flash_nand_a0: flash_a0_nand
flash_all_a0: flash_a0_all
flash_ca35_ddrstress_a0: flash_a0_ca35_ddrstress
flash_ca35_ddrstress_dcd_a0: flash_a0_ca35_ddrstress_dcd
flash_cm4ddr_a0: flash_a0_cm4ddr
flash_fastboot_a0: flash_a0_fastboot
\ No newline at end of file
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