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    ENGR00214813 MX6DL SabreSD : Kernel, Enable ARM Perfromance Monitor · 0b67bfed
    Eric Sun authored
    Register PMU resources during system bootup, so that "Perf" Command can
    be used to get misc performance data of a running program
    The "Perf" Exe should be built manually in
    "./tools/perf" using the following command line
    > make CROSS_COMPILER=... ARCH=arm CFLAGS="-static -DGElf_Nhdr=Elf32_Nhdr"
    then copy the "Perf" executable to rootfs/bin
    Usage :
    perf            # show help content
    perf list       # show all available statistics options
    perf stat ls    # show all statistics of a "ls" command
    perf stat -e cycles tar cvfz bin.tgz /bin
                    # show "cycles" statistics of command
                    #     "tar cvfz ...."
    MX6 Series Chips bound all CPUs PERFMON IRQ to one, this may cause some
    problems when get per-CPU statistics. Need further investigation
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Sun <jian.sun@freescale.com>
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