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    ENGR00233929: add kernel command line to enable snvs · 11f3fa3d
    Terry Lv authored
    In MX6Q/DL, originally GPIO_0 is used as CKO pin function. when SNVS
    module is enabled, CKO output stops suddenly.
    Both CKO clock config register CCOSR and GPIO_0 IOMUX register value are
    not changed. But because ALT7 of GPIO_0 pad is SNVS_VIO_5 function. I
    doubt that when SNVS module is enabled, GPIO_0 pad is automatically
    changed to SNVS instance by SoC.
    Thus we add option for snvs enable/disable.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTerry Lv <r65388@freescale.com>
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