Commit 118a8d96 authored by Chen Liangjun's avatar Chen Liangjun

ENGR00219016-3 MX6Q SMD: Set HDMI event as event 2 of SDMA event

If MX6q chip version is bigger than TO1.2, Select HDMI SDMA
request as SDMA event 2 for MX6Q ARM2 board. SDMA event 2 can be
configured HDMI or IPU.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChen Liangjun <>
parent 2b70d1b5
......@@ -1277,6 +1277,10 @@ static void hdmi_init(int ipu_id, int disp_id)
/* GPR3, bits 2-3 = HDMI_MUX_CTL */
mxc_iomux_set_gpr_register(3, 2, 2, hdmi_mux_setting);
/* Set HDMI event as SDMA event2 while Chip version later than TO1.2 */
if ((mx6q_revision() > IMX_CHIP_REVISION_1_1))
mxc_iomux_set_gpr_register(0, 0, 1, 1);
/* On mx6x sabresd board i2c2 iomux with hdmi ddc,
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