Commit 2cfb5f87 authored by Anson Huang's avatar Anson Huang

ENGR00219178 [MX6]Need to avoid using GPIO_1 on latest B4 sabresd board

For the latest B4 sabresd board, GPIO_1 is connected to PRO_B, we
use this pin as battery charge_done led control, need to avoid using
this pin as GPIO for B4 board, or system will reboot when this pin's
level is changed.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnson Huang <>
parent 57b4747a
......@@ -1499,8 +1499,14 @@ static void gps_power_on(bool on)
static struct gpio_led imx6q_gpio_leds[] = {
GPIO_LED(SABRESD_CHARGE_NOW, "chg_now_led", 0, 1,
/* For the latest B4 board, this GPIO_1 is connected to POR_B,
which will reset the whole board if this pin's level is changed,
so, for the latest board, we have to avoid using this pin as
GPIO. */
#if 0
GPIO_LED(SABRESD_CHARGE_DONE, "chg_done_led", 0, 1,
static struct gpio_led_platform_data imx6q_gpio_leds_data = {
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