Commit 3f671aba authored by make shi's avatar make shi Committed by Jason Liu

ENGR00235630 MX6 USB :fix USB does not work when plug in device during suspend

USB does not work when plug in a usb device during system suspend. Under this
case, USB driver will be in low power mode, but WIE bit not be set if usb wake
up is not enabled.So there are only ID change interrupt no USB wakeup interrupt
after system resume.In current bsp, after system resume ID change status not be
clear,and ID change interrupt will continue happen, which cause the system busy.
No checking WIR bit if ID change interrupt happen when USB in low power mode to
fix this issue.
Signed-off-by: default avatarmake shi <>
parent 521a7f7a
......@@ -513,10 +513,10 @@ static enum usb_wakeup_event _is_host_wakeup(struct fsl_usb2_platform_data *pdat
pr_debug("the otgsc is 0x%x, usbsts is 0x%x, portsc is 0x%x, wakeup_irq is 0x%x\n", UOG_OTGSC, UOG_USBSTS, UOG_PORTSC1, wakeup_req);
/* if ID change sts, it is a host wakeup event */
if (wakeup_req && (otgsc & OTGSC_IS_USB_ID)) {
if (otgsc & OTGSC_IS_USB_ID) {
pr_debug("otg host ID wakeup\n");
/* if host ID wakeup, we must clear the b session change sts */
otgsc &= (~OTGSC_IS_USB_ID);
/* if host ID wakeup, we must clear the ID change sts */
otgsc |= OTGSC_IS_USB_ID;
if (wakeup_req && (!(otgsc & OTGSC_STS_USB_ID))) {
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