Commit 8b2ec798 authored by Jason Liu's avatar Jason Liu

ENGR00233770 i.mx6q/vpu: Add fuse check for VPU_DISABLE feature

This patch add the fuse check for VPU_DISABLE feature. If the fuse
bit for VPU_DISABLE is 1, which means VPU is disabled, then we will
not register VPU device to the kernel.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Liu <>
parent c6944801
......@@ -167,6 +167,15 @@ struct platform_device *__init imx_add_vpu(
pdata.iram_enable = data->iram_enable;
pdata.iram_size = data->iram_size;
if (cpu_is_mx6dl() || cpu_is_mx6q()) {
#define HW_OCOTP_CFGn(n) (0x00000410 + (n) * 0x10)
unsigned int vpu_disable;
vpu_disable = readl(MX6_IO_ADDRESS(OCOTP_BASE_ADDR) + HW_OCOTP_CFGn(3));
if (vpu_disable & 0x00008000)
return ERR_PTR(-ENODEV);
if (cpu_is_mx6dl())
pdata.iram_enable = false;
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