Commit c292d1d4 authored by Robin Gong's avatar Robin Gong

ENGR00221102-1 MX6Q: increase VPU frequence to 352Mhz

Increase VPU frequency to 352Mhz for TV box, use pll2_pfd_400M.To avoid impact
other code which assume ARM clock sourcing from pll2_pfd_400M, change cpu
setpoint of 396M to 352M. and disable bus freq adjust.
add CONFIG_MX6_VPU_352M to choose it, default is disabled.
Signed-off-by: default avatarRobin Gong <>
parent 76ff4e14
......@@ -19,4 +19,13 @@ config MXC_VPU_DEBUG
This is an option for the developers; most people should
say N here. This enables MXC VPU driver debugging.
config MX6_VPU_352M
bool "MX6 VPU 352M"
depends on MXC_VPU
default n
Increase VPU frequncy to 352M, the config will disable bus frequency
adjust dynamic, and CPU lowest setpoint will be 352Mhz.
This config is used for special VPU use case.
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