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    CGT000006 QMX6: optimize framebuffer configuration · 293398f2
    Michael Schanz authored
    Optimize the framebuffer configuration in device tree setup in order to fix display setup
    for QC and DCL modules.
    This patch leads to a more general framebuffer configuration of the different QMX6 framebuffers.
    The default framebuffer configuration can be overwritten by a specific configuration given on
    the kernel command line for the primary display (fb0) and the secondary display (fb1), as usual,
    via video=mxcfb0:dev=... and video=mxcfb1:dev=... entries.
    The proper framebuffer configuration has been verified with the following command line setup:
    vmalloc=400 video=mxfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24 video=mxcfb1:ldb,LDB-SGA,if=RGB666 fbmem=28,10
    vmalloc=400 video=mxfb0:dev=ldb,LDB-SGA,if=RGB666 video=mxcfb1:hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24 fbmem=10,28
    Observe that the framebuffer enumeration may change during boot time (e.g. mxcfb1 most likely does not
    correspond with /dev/fb1 but with /dev/fb2) because of the insertion of overlay devices.
    The default operating mode for the LVDS display bridge (LDB) is set to "sin0".
    Signed-off-by: Michael Schanz's avatarMichael Schanz <michael.schanz@congatec.com>
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