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    imx6solosabresd.conf: Add ldo device tree · 362c55a3
    Lauren Post authored
    ENGR00277895: dts: ARM: imx6: add ldo-enable dts files
      Currently, we use different dts files to support ldo-bypass or ldo-enable, then
    we need add both dts files for the boards which can support ldo-bypass mode(all
    boards support ldo-enable at least). So for below boards we need add ldo-enable
    dts file so that we can use this to easily support ldo-enable mode:
      1)mx6q-sabresd board:  ldo-bypass dts->mx6q-sabresd.dtb,
                             ldo-enable dts->mx6q-sabresd-ldo.dtb
      2)mx6q-sabresd board:  ldo-bypass dts->mx6dl-sabresd.dtb,
                     ldo-enable dts->mx6dl-sabresd-ldo.dtb
      3)mx6sl-evk board:     ldo-bypass dts->mx6sl-evk.dtb,
                     ldo-enable dts->mx6sl-evk-ldo.dtb
    Change-Id: I261c516495e3921fb1c2d8937d96fb6e3a23e87b
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLauren Post <lauren.post@freescale.com>
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