Commit 23d5b9c9 authored by Otavio Salvador's avatar Otavio Salvador

imx28evk: Drop inherited MACHINE_GSTREAMER_PLUGIN setting

The MACHINE_GSTREAMER_PLUGIN is now set in so we don't
need it here.

Change-Id: Ief9de139dd3ca110fb8ea3f636b7df0afca8f465
Signed-off-by: default avatarOtavio Salvador <>
parent 57824063
......@@ -23,6 +23,3 @@ IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= "tar.bz2 ext3 uboot.mxsboot-sdcard sdcard"
SERIAL_CONSOLE = "115200 ttyAMA0"
MACHINE_FEATURES = "apm usbgadget usbhost vfat alsa touchscreen"
# Gstreamer plugin
MACHINE_GSTREAMER_PLUGIN ?= "gst-fsl-plugin"
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