Commit 3251a7dd authored by Mahesh Mahadevan's avatar Mahesh Mahadevan Committed by Otavio Salvador

linux-imx ( Sync i.MX5 defconfig with the one in the kernel

Enable CONFIG_FEC_NAPI option. This was disabled earlier as it was causing
a crash during boot, this issue has been fixed by commit: <ef3b62c1bab6f8>
ENGR00266268 net: fec: napi cause system crash
Signed-off-by: default avatarMahesh Mahadevan <>
parent 88eeb84c
......@@ -877,7 +877,7 @@ CONFIG_SMSC911X=y
# CONFIG_KS8851 is not set
# CONFIG_KS8851_MLL is not set
# CONFIG_FEC_NAPI is not set
# CONFIG_FEC_1588 is not set
# CONFIG_FEC2 is not set
# CONFIG_NETDEV_1000 is not set
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