Commit 6b7309e2 authored by Otavio Salvador's avatar Otavio Salvador

pointercal-xinput: Move from meta-fsl-demos

The pointercal-xinput is not included in OE-Core so we ought to
include it in the BSP instead of having it in meta-fsl-demos layer.

Change-Id: I27dbc31aeb321609cac6a2e757742b83d609033a
Signed-off-by: default avatarOtavio Salvador <>
parent 5caf097f
xinput set-int-prop "MXS touchscreen" "Evdev Axis Calibration" 32 194 3938 301 3878
xinput set-int-prop "MXS touchscreen" "Evdev Axes Swap" 8 1
xinput set-int-prop "eGalax Touch Screen" "Evdev Axis Calibration" 42060 2062 -8 -783544 1 1549 65536
xinput set-int-prop "eGalax Touch Screen" "Evdev Axes Swap" 8 0
\ No newline at end of file
# Append path for freescale layer to include bsp pointercal.xinput
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