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    fsl-dynamic-packagearch.bbclass: Dynamically set package architecture · 21d99526
    Otavio Salvador authored
    This allow to easy reuse of binary packages among similar SoCs. The
    usual use for this is to share SoC specific packages among different
    boards. The class can be used to share GPU packages for i.MX53 boards
    (as all them share the AMD GPU) and i.MX6 based boards (as all them
    share Vivante GPU).
    It inspects the database and identify if the package provides or
    depends on one of subarch provided values and if it does, it sets the
    PACKAGE_ARCH for MACHINE_SUBARCH value otherwise if it matches in the
    machine specific filter, it sets it to MACHINE_ARCH.
    This reduces the amount of packages we build, for example in case of
    core-image-x11 we:
    $ ls -l tmp/deploy/rpm/cortexa9hf_vfp_neon_mx6/*.rpm | wc -l
    So we reuse 75 binaries; these would be build otherwise.
    It being dynamically set or statically set it has following benefits:
    * correctness: it is easier to ensure the system behaves as expected
    * correctness for non-tracked recipes: new recipes, if depending on
      virtual/kernel or GPU has the right architecture choosen, without a
      .bbappend file for them
    * safeness: non-expert users get a more adequate behavior as the
      complexity of choosing the right architecture is simplified for them
    * easy maintenance: it is easier for me, as maintainer, to maintain a
      code which decides what to do than having hundreds of bbappend files
      for it
    Change-Id: Icb0a8060e862c8eeb166c45d1b39c40de07b01d8
    Signed-off-by: default avatarOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
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