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    imx6dlsabresd.conf: Add in ldo and hdcp DTS · e6286b97
    Lauren Post authored
    ENGR00274059-02 ARM: Add new dts for imx6q/imx6dl SabreSD hdcp
    hdcp ddc pins conflict with i2c2,
    add new dts file for imx6q and imx6dl SabreSD board,
    enable hdcp and disable i2c2 in these dts files.
    Remove hdmi pins property from mx6qdl-sabresd.dtsi.
    ENGR00279402-1 ARM: dts: imx6: add wdog reset source seclect in dts
    Some boards use another WDOG reset source to reboot system in ldo-bypass mode.
    We need add the property in board dts file so that we can easily know the
    WDOG reset source currently.
    For Sabresd, WDOG1 for ldo-enable mode(WDOG event), WDOG2 for ldo-bypass mode
    (reset external pmic to trigger POR event).
    For sl-evk board, there is no WDOG pin connected with external pmic as Sabresd
    , because mx6sl boot at 400Mhz. Then both ldo-enable and ldo-bypass mode use
    the common WDOG1 as reset source.
    ENGR00277895: dts: ARM: imx6: add ldo-enable dts files
    Currently, we use different dts files to support ldo-bypass or ldo-enable, then
    we need add both dts files for the boards which can support ldo-bypass mode(all
    boards support ldo-enable at least). So for below boards we need add ldo-enable
    dts file so that we can use this to easily support ldo-enable mode:
      1)mx6q-sabresd board:  ldo-bypass dts->mx6q-sabresd.dtb,
                             ldo-enable dts->mx6q-sabresd-ldo.dtb
      2)mx6q-sabresd board:  ldo-bypass dts->mx6dl-sabresd.dtb,
                     ldo-enable dts->mx6dl-sabresd-ldo.dtb
      3)mx6sl-evk board:     ldo-bypass dts->mx6sl-evk.dtb,
                     ldo-enable dts->mx6sl-evk-ldo.dtb
    Change-Id: I8a5863d135e5c72419c1eb8f4f34483c2397e567
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarLauren Post <lauren.post@freescale.com>
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