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      u-boot-fslc: Update revision to fb25693 · cf5c1c46
      Otavio Salvador authored
      This updates U-Boot 2015.04 version with some fixes and improvements
      from 2015.07 release. Those are:
      cba4c25 mx6sabresd: Remove uneeded ifdef
      407be42 mx6sabresd: Fix SPL memory description
      761bc19 nitrogen6x: allow gzipped bitmap display
      1c29ad7 iMX: Fix compilation error when enabling SECURE_BOOT
      6b396b3 arm: mx6: tqma6: Extract baseboard configs into separate config file
      76962d0 power: pfuze100: fix LDO_EN bit value
      9e2b0c2 imx: ventana: Update missing memory/calib handling
      767d88b imx: ventana: Add new memory configuration
      18b3a91 imx: ventana: set HDMI video in to yuv422bt656 for GW551x-A
      a2559f1 imx: ventana: use hdmiinfmt env var to override HDMI capture format
      e9fc6d1 imx: ventana: add DT fixup for GW522x to change PCIE_RST# GPIO
      ee5931d imx: ventana: add 'gsc wd' command for enabling and disabling GSC watchdog
      4569cd5 imx: ventana: added device-tree display configuration for LVDS displays
      f02390b imx: ventana: add support for DLC-700JMGT4 and DLC-800FIGT3 LCD displays
      9506970 imx: ventana: add DT fixup for GW54xx compatibility with older kernels
      7f14c31 imx: ventana: remove 128x16 calibration (share with 128x32)
      06edcb9 imx: ventana: updated 16bit DDR calibration
      eeca451 imx: ventana: added DT fixup for GW551x-A video input
      45af3f7 imx: ventana: gsc: add new hwmon rails
      e732917 imx: ventana: add mem_mb dynamic env var
      16e369f imx: ventana: remove GSC hwmon voltage rail min/max test
      e2801a9 imx: ventana: update boot scripts to support ubifs boot vol
      aec3761 imx: ventana: only pinmux FEC enet signals for boards using it
      7c5cd42 imx: ventana: add wdis config for GW5520
      0417169 imx: ventana: add usb_pgood_delay 2sec default
      75f21e3 imx: ventana: Add support for GW551x
      0c81b14 imx: ventana: disable IMX6 watchdogs on GW51xx RevA and RevB
      1274bd2 imx: ventana: fix various sparse warnings
      30dc880 imx: ventana: config: enable EXT4 filesystem read/write support
      f6747cd imx: ventana: config: enable edid support
      8cc25eb imx: ventana: config: Support ramdisk
      9543e95 imx: ventana: config: add USB Mass Storage (ums) support
      4717e13 imx: ventana: set LTC3676 PMIC to appropriate values per datasheet
      b0b8334 imx: ventana: add support for 4Gb density mem devices with IMX6DL
      29f0d6b imx: ventana: enable precharge power-down fast-exit mode
      a51de27 imx: ventana: add usb_pcisel hwconfig support
      3ee26ec imx: ventana: remove unused GPIO configuration
      e806b22 imx: ventana: assign default ethprime dynamically
      0a6ee03 imx: ventana: add i210 support
      306568d imx: ventana: disable 4k tftp/nfs packets
      b8ce6fe mx6: Add initial SPL support for HummingBoard-i2eX
      08daa25 fdt: add new fdt_fixup_display function to configure display
      78c5a18 arm: mx6: ddr: add pd_fast_exit flag to system information
      32f9ef3 ARM: mxs: Get boot mode from OCRAM
      Another change included is:
      fb25693 Revert "embestmx6boards: convert to use config_distro_bootcmd.h"
      Which has been necessary to allow RIoT Board to work out of box with
      current SDCard layout used in meta-fsl-arm. Thanks to Nikolay Dimitrov
      <picmaster@mail.bg> and Gary Thomas <gary@mlbassoc.com> for reporting
      the issue.
      Change-Id: I7d13baefcda8f68fb9be618ea1eb55fc96bce5c2
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
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      eglinfo: Avoid contaminating other boards · 98ed4538
      Otavio Salvador authored
      The i.MX6 specific overrides needs to be set using _mx6 OVERRIDE to
      avoid contaminating other boards.
      The extra DEPENDS has been removed as the original recipe already
      depends on virtual/egl so all i.MX6 variants are covered.
      Change-Id: Id9cdd9a4d46d44b9afc6580784d024a54c45ee4a
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
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