Commit 12f2a4dd authored by Ash Charles's avatar Ash Charles Committed by Martin Jansa

mpd: Add build dependency on samba

Version 0.19 [1], adds the smbclient plugins for storage and input so
needs samba when building with the --enable-samba option.

[1] default avatarAsh Charles <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Jansa <>
parent b9700dca
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ EXTRA_OECONF += "${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'systemd', '--with-systemds
PACKAGECONFIG[mad] = "--enable-mad,--disable-mad,libmad"
PACKAGECONFIG[id3tag] = "--enable-id3,--disable-id3,libid3tag"
PACKAGECONFIG[lame] = "--enable-lame-encoder,--disable-lame-encoder,lame"
PACKAGECONFIG[smb] = "--enable-smbclient,--disable-smbclient,samba"
do_install_append() {
install -d ${D}/${localstatedir}/lib/mpd/music
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