Commit c4ba56ce authored by Alexandre Fournier's avatar Alexandre Fournier Committed by Joe MacDonald

net-snmp: install net-snmp-config script to STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS

This recipe was installing net-snmp-config script to STAGING_BINDIR
instead of STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS, during the do_install. It is not
recommended and must be done after staging.

* Remove STAGING_BINDIR manipulations from do_install_append
* Add net_snmp_sysroot_preprocess function instead
* Append net_snmp_sysroot_preprocess to SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexandre Fournier <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJoe MacDonald <>
parent 9d49c834
...@@ -49,19 +49,26 @@ do_install_append() { ...@@ -49,19 +49,26 @@ do_install_append() {
install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/init ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/snmpd install -m 755 ${WORKDIR}/init ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/snmpd
install -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/snmpd.conf ${D}${sysconfdir}/snmp/ install -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/snmpd.conf ${D}${sysconfdir}/snmp/
install -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/snmptrapd.conf ${D}${sysconfdir}/snmp/ install -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/snmptrapd.conf ${D}${sysconfdir}/snmp/
install -d ${STAGING_BINDIR}
install -m 0755 ${D}${bindir}/net-snmp-config ${STAGING_BINDIR}/
sed -e "s@-I/usr/include@@g" \ sed -e "s@-I/usr/include@@g" \
-e "s@^prefix=.*@prefix=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}@g" \ -e "s@^prefix=.*@prefix=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}@g" \
-e "s@^exec_prefix=.*@exec_prefix=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}@g" \ -e "s@^exec_prefix=.*@exec_prefix=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}@g" \
-e "s@^includedir=.*@includedir=${STAGING_INCDIR}@g" \ -e "s@^includedir=.*@includedir=${STAGING_INCDIR}@g" \
-e "s@^libdir=.*@libdir=${STAGING_LIBDIR}@g" \ -e "s@^libdir=.*@libdir=${STAGING_LIBDIR}@g" \
-i ${STAGING_BINDIR}/net-snmp-config -i ${D}${bindir}/net-snmp-config
install -d ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system install -d ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system
install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/snmpd.service ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/snmpd.service ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system
install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/snmptrapd.service ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/snmptrapd.service ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system
} }
SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS += "net_snmp_sysroot_preprocess"
net_snmp_sysroot_preprocess () {
if [ -e ${D}${bindir}/net-snmp-config ]; then
install -d ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR}${bindir_crossscripts}/
install -m 755 ${D}${bindir}/net-snmp-config ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR}${bindir_crossscripts}/
PACKAGES = "${PN}-dbg ${PN}-doc ${PN}-dev ${PN}-staticdev ${PN}-static ${PN}-libs \ PACKAGES = "${PN}-dbg ${PN}-doc ${PN}-dev ${PN}-staticdev ${PN}-static ${PN}-libs \
${PN}-mibs ${PN}-server ${PN}-client ${PN}-server-snmpd ${PN}-server-snmptrapd" ${PN}-mibs ${PN}-server ${PN}-client ${PN}-server-snmpd ${PN}-server-snmptrapd"
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