Commit e57ec761 authored by Jason Kridner's avatar Jason Kridner Committed by Koen Kooi

cloud9: created

Cloud9 is a web-browser based IDE running on node.js.

This application should support multiple architectures as long as they have
node.js and a build of node-o3-xml that is dropped into this system.
Currently, that includes x86 32/64-bit and ARM armv7.  Ideally, that library
would be added separately as a system-dependent portion, because everything
else should be ISA independent.

[ small DEPENDS fixes added by koen ]
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Kridner <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarKoen Kooi <>
parent d7c12fd0
DESCRIPTION = "Meet Cloud9, development-as-a-service for Javascripters and other developers"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSE;md5=4784c3bcff601fd8f9515f52a11e7018"
SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=git \
SRCREV = "08bae1d1cc2ba9f7f883a25afd07f0339a82fa8b"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
# Most of cloud9 is in git submodules that still need to be fetched.
do_configure_prepend () {
git submodule update --init --recursive
# There's nothing left to be compiled at this time.
# node-o3-xml is the only compiled code module in here.
# The repository has binaries for:
# Linux ARM armv7
# Linux x86 32/64-bit
# Sun Solaris 32-bit
# Mac x86 32/64-bit
# Windows x86 32-bit
do_compile () {
do_install () {
install -m 0755 -d ${D}/usr/share/cloud9 ${D}${bindir} ${D}/var/lib/cloud9
rsync -r --exclude=".*" ${S}/* ${D}/usr/share/cloud9
touch ${D}${bindir}/cloud9
echo "#!/bin/sh" > ${D}${bindir}/cloud9
echo "node /usr/share/cloud9/bin/cloud9.js -l -w /var/lib/cloud9 -p 3000" >> ${D}${bindir}/cloud9
chmod 0755 ${D}${bindir}/cloud9
RDEPENDS_${PN} = "nodejs"
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